Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the Country and Participation in the Pop Warner Spirit Program provides kids an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment. Pop Warner programs emphasize fun for all and encourage the development of qualities important long after Pop Warner days are gone.




Cheerleaders are for those ages 5-16. Each division has an age limit and is assigned to squads based on age and primary home residency. If you have a child in football and a cheerleader in order to put them on the same team, they must both be within the same age groups for that division. The Scottsdale Association is able to take REQUESTS ONLY to be with specific family and friends. On your separate request sheet indicate reason and names of family or friends. Do not write on the registration forms. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY REQUESTS. We will do our best to accommodate all requests



Scottsdale Pop Warner will not have a Mascot program. We feel that is it is in the best interest of all children involved to limit the program based on the ages of those children who can participate in all aspects of cheerleading (i.e. stunts, competition, etc), and under National Federation guidelines, Mascots are limited in their participation.



All cheerleaders will participate in some fundraising activities throughout the season (sell candy bars, water bottles, raffles, car washes, etc…) These funds are used to pay for any additional items your Coach and squad deem necessary.



Scottsdale Pop Warner Cheer is a competitive cheer program. All teams will participate in the Arizona Pop Warner Cheer competition. Those squads Junior Pee Wee and higher can advance to the Regional Cheer competition.